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FREE IPOD CONGA LINE! started 10/12/04!
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free ipod offer


How to get your free iPod:

1) Sign up at freeiPods.com

Note: this offer is only available to residents of the United States.

2) Sign up for a trial with one of the advertisers.

3) Get 5 friends to do the same, using your referral link,
and your iPod will be added to the queue for shipment. Make sure you and your referrals complete their offers before cancelling them otherwise you will NOT GET CREDIT!. (Remember to
sign up for your trial before sending referrals or they may not be honored.

4) If you have some skeptical friends or you yourself believe that this is a scam, refer to these links.

Article on Wired.com.

A naysayer tracks his progress.

There is a limit of one account per household. You have
your choice of iPod Mini colors or a white 20GB iPod. Colors are not guaranteed.
Fraudulent accounts will be permanently frozen and you will not receive
an iPod.
See complete list of terms & conditions
at freeiPods.com.

Enjoy your freeiPod!